We've learned how to make a living but not a life. We've added years to life, not life to years

-   George Carlin   -

Cancer is a disease that can infect almost any organ on the body and can begin anywhere and on any type of cell. The illness can show up as a result of many various factors. Cancer is formed from an uncontrollable growth of cells in the body that don’t break up which leads to a grouping of unusual tissue growth that goes out of control. The main causes of cancer can be linked to a person’s way of living; such as the persons diet, their thought process and their surroundings but most cancers spur from a combination of various situations.

The way in which you live your life can be the most defining causes for whether or not you produce cancer. Unhealthy eating habits can play a part in the build up and spread of cancer. The overproduction of acids in the system due to consuming too much fatty foods like meat, can cause the system to lose its balance and trigger off cancer cells. Consuming alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables helps to maintain the body’s natural functions. Also processed products contain a lot of substances that make cancer cells less harder to trigger off. A persons genetic structure can play a role in the trigger of cancer. Cancer can be triggered because of hereditary factors, the fact that previous family member had cancer, it makes that person even more likely to get it as well. People who have a poor immune systems such as persons with AIDS are more prone to develop certain cancers

Not monitoring your physical health can play a leading role in causing cancer. Physical activities is one of the body’s way of getting rid of excessive waste outside of stool movement and urination. It is not impossible for toxins to build up in the body and generate cancerous cells, as well as causing obesity which again increases the possibility of your body becoming cancerous.

As people go up in age the efficiency of their immune system depletes and it makes the body much more vulnerable to intrusions from cancerous agents. Cancer cells respond longer in younger persons because there are less division in the cells at a young age and as we get older the cells split up and become more damaged, so the cells are more able to change and turn into cancer cells.

The surrounding in which you dwell plays a very critical role in the trigger of diseases like cancer. There are substances which are used in goods that’s are utilized in and around the home and at your job that have cancer promoting agents. Examples of these are benzene, asbestos, formaldehyde etc. Cancers such as mesothelioma is strongly linked to the exposure of asbestos.

Habits such as smoking are strongly connected to lung cancer, second hand smoking can be even more hazardous than smoking cigarettes or tobacco on your own. Cigarettes is made with nicotine and tobacco contains carcinogen these elements help to trigger off cancerous agents. Carcinogens are a class of substances responsible for damaging the DNA structure. Other examples of carcinogens are compounds found in car exhaust fumes, arsenic, radiation, asbestos, x-rays and gamma rays. Over exposure to the sun on your skin can also raise the risk of getting skin cancer.

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